The Arabic Unlocked App
With the new Arabic Unlocked App learning Arabic is:

- Quick and Easy with digestible bite sized lessons. 
- Fun and Addictive with games and challenges.
- Productive and Effective giving you real results.  
Get Your FREE Copy of the Most Commonly Used Words in the Quran... 
Did you know that just 20 words make up around a third of all the words in the Quran

In this free eBook learn the meaning of these 20 words and how they are used in the Quran.
Transform Your Arabic Learning!
Skip back a few years and I was struggling to learn Arabic until I knew HOW to learn Arabic.
There were a few key methods that I used which helped me learn Arabic in 9 months.
Join me on my free online training class where I go through how to learn Arabic the right way and understand the Quran.
Join Our Network of Students who have Successfully Learned Arabic 
Quranic Arabic Course
  • ​ 8 Modules Teaching Our Quranic Arabic Curriculum.
  • ​ Learn the vocab and grammar needed to understand the Quran.
  • ​Lessons are broken down into bite sized chunks.
The Arabic Language Mastery Course is split into two key sections that cover:

  • How to build the right mindset, remain motivated and stay consistent when learning Arabic.
  • ​Effective language learning techniques, a breakdown of the Arabic language, how to learn Arabic words effectively, and how to simplify Arabic grammar.
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